Ceramic Designer. Based in the region of Ghent, Belgium.

From 2017 till 2019, Olivia has been a resident ceramic designer and later teacher at the Turning Earth In production Studio based in North East London. After 2 years of developing, learning and teaching in London, Olivia decided to set up her own ceramic studio on the countryside around Ghent. 

Olivia creates one of a kind ceramics for your home interior, comprising rustic decorative pieces while honouring the clay's earthy character. Her work and collections, under the name of Olivia Joseph, are inspired by both natural worn away (eroded) materials in combination with the light peaceful colours of nature and its landscapes, reflected in the use of clay bodies, textures and glazings.

Olivia focuses on the creation of minimal pieces, embracing simplicity and imperfection. All pieces are handmade by the maker herself whether it is hand-thrown or hand-built and as such, unique in its kind.

All the while, the makers' touch is present in all creations and hopefully will be felt in your hands and give a feeling of coziness and calmness to you and your surroundings.



Photo by Stylist Emma Duckworth